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Buck and Honey Birkinbine were one of the area’s best-known residents. They once owned and farmed the land where our first location in Sun Prairie sits today. Together they lived a life of service and philanthropy in the community and they were always well known to enjoy hosting good company at their home on Windsor Street. It is in their spirit that we present to you Buck & Honey’s Restaurants.

Every effort is made at Buck & Honey’s to make you feel as though you’ve dropped by an old friend’s house. A friend that has an undeniable passion for service and prepares amazingly fresh food out of a scratch kitchen. A friend with an upscale casual atmosphere, huge patios, live music, craft brews on tap, specialty craft cocktails, and an extensive wine list. A true friend, indeed!

Our mission

Our mission is to consistently deliver creative, yet familiar food in a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. We facilitate the fun to ensure each guest has a memorable experience at a great value.


Our chef

Sam Millan photo

Sam Millan
Executive Chef

Executive Chef Sammy was born and raised in Ixtapa, Mexico - a tourist town on the ocean. His father, an entrepreneur, instilled in him the value of carrying a passionate pursuit of his goals at a very early age. When Chef Sammy turned 17, he knew there was something 'out there for him that he wasn't finding in Ixtapa, and he uprooted and moved to San Francisco.

It was there that Chef Sammy landed with a roommate who was a talented Chef. His roommate taught him first and foremost, that whether you're cooking for your roommate, or a restaurant with 200 patrons, to focus on creating meals never short of perfection.

Chef Sammy ended up in Chicago in a hectic pace environment as Executive Chef for a high volume restaurant, working 70 hours per week, while pursuing his culinary education in his 'free time'. He realized he'd found what he was looking for. Since then, he has worked with some of this area's finest establishments and finally teamed up with friend & owner Tom Anderson to bring you Buck & Honey's. His pursuit of culinary perfection is evident with his focus on taste, texture, aroma, but also presentation - as your first impression of your meal is made visually. We are confident you will like what you see. If you ever get a chance to visit with him, please do. He’s an amazing Chef, but even better person. - Salut!